Tax Return Preparation Services
for People In or Near Retirement

Minimizing Expected
Lifetime Taxes

We don't just focus on minimizing your current year taxes while kicking the tax-can down the road.  We optimize your tax situation over several years and know what your tax return will look like long before we prepare it.

Coordinated Tax Planning & Tax Preparation Under One Roof

Brian Bickett serves as your Financial Planner and Investment Advisor, then carries all necessary information and planning items into your tax preparation.

Retirement Planning

We don't just prepare your income tax return.  Integrating your retirement tax strategy with your retirement plan, so you can enjoy more of what you earned.

About Iron Mountain Tax Services

After years of service to clients of Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC*, it became clear that it would be beneficial to eliminate the frustration and hassle of having to go back and forth with a separate tax preparer to get their taxes done in a timely manner.  Iron Mountain Tax Services was born  and Brian Bickett started offering tax preparation services for clients of Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC only.

Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC's fee-only retirement planning process already included tax planning and projections as a value added service.  We were already lining out what our client's tax return should look like long before the tax preparer had their first meeting.

Now we are happy to provide tax preparation services to complete the entire process.  This allows us to continue to look ahead, while ensuring the tax return includes all of the tax planning strategies, so that we can better optimize our clients retirement plan as a whole.

*Iron Mountain Financial Planning, LLC is a separate company
that's under common ownership with Iron Mountain Tax Services.

With us, Tax Planning & Preparation is this easy:

Schedule a Meeting

Select a time to speak with Brian Bickett CFP®, to learn more about our services and find out how we can help.

Prepare Your Documents

Prior to meeting, please download and use our Tax Return Preparation Checklist to ensure you have all your relevant information and documentation.

Discover What's Possible

All of your financial decisions have Tax Implications. Don't miss Tax Savings Opportunities as you prepare to retire or worse, pay more in retirement.

Live the Life You Love

Set goals that give your life meaning, and find out how to structure your finances to achieve those goals.